Acceleration Interventions and Strategies

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Behavior Management In the Classroom or Academic Instruction: What Comes First?

By Lindsey Hampton / February 8, 2021

A popular viewpoint among educators is that discipline must come before instruction. Because student disruptions create a ripple effect across a classroom, teachers often feel forced to immediately deal with every misbehavior, resulting in a significant loss of instructional time. Teachers report losing as much as 144 minutes of instructional time on average to classroom…

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4 Strategies for Engaging Students Online

By Tracy Easterling / November 16, 2020

Being an online teacher has its challenges; however, it also affords us the opportunity to rejuvenate our practice while engaging students online. Whether you are activating your lesson, having students practice during a learning activity or monitoring student progress through a formative assessment, engagement is essential. Here are four strategies to engage students online throughout…

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Micro Habits: Small Changes Lead to Significant Habits

By Lindsey Hampton / August 27, 2019

In the book, Atomic Habits, author James Clear illustrates the significance of a simple change by describing what happens when the nose of an airplane is pointed at a slightly different angle. He explains that if a plane takes off in Los Angeles en route to New York, but the angle of the nose is…

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3 Quick and Easy Review Strategies

By Don Marlett / August 19, 2018

Don’t forget that all students need time for strategic review. This might mean for semester or final exams, or it might mean after a series of related lessons. When it’s time for review, don’t revert back to the “old way” of doing things — worksheet packets or a silent study hall. What students have accomplished…

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6 Guided Reading Mistakes You Might be Making

By Don Marlett / July 19, 2018

An important time to support struggling readers is during guided reading. However, just because you are doing guided reading does not necessarily mean that you are supporting your struggling readers. Here are six common guided reading mistakes you might be making. You are using books that are too difficult. If the books that are being used…

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Engage Students With Exemplary Essential Questions

By Don Marlett / June 19, 2018

Why Is A Lesson Essential Question More Effective Than An Objective? Chances are that if you have been in education long enough, you have been asked at least one time or another, to display the standard(s) you are currently teaching on the board for students to see. The rationale behind posting the standard on the…

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Scaffolding Supports Student Success

By Don Marlett / April 19, 2018

How can the use of scaffolding support student achievement? “Start with where you want them to be (the grade level standard) and make it learnable.” (C. Boyles). As educators, we have the very complicated task of ensuring that all students are successful learners, but how exactly do we do that? How do we make sure…

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What’s Bigger Than Rigor?

By Learning-Focused / March 19, 2018

A question we often get from teachers and leaders is, “What is one thing I can do right now to increase student success?” As you can imagine, there are lots of answers to that question, and none of those answers are simple. There are, of course, dozens of strategies that could be incorporated into instruction that will…

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Building a Supportive Environment for a Differentiated Classroom

By Don Marlett / April 10, 2017

How do you start making your classroom super supportive for differentiation? Before you can begin to build support for a classroom where customized assignments are the norm instead of the exception, you must learn all that you can about differentiation. Develop your own professional knowledge. There are numerous resources available such as books that offer…

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Providing Scaffolding for Students

By Don Marlett / March 22, 2017

How can scaffolding help students become successful with the grade-level curriculum? When I think of scaffolding, I think of the temporary support structure erected on the side of a building that allows workers to access parts of the building that they may not otherwise be able to reach in order to accomplish a particular task.…

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