Learning Through Writing - Strategies for Educators

An increased focus on writing is a catalyst for academic success.

How does Writing improve student outcomes?

In numerous educational settings, the scope of writing is often confined to worksheets, short responses, and the occasional essay assignment. This narrow approach overlooks the profound benefits of integrating writing across all areas of study. Fostering literacy development is a collective endeavor that spans all subjects, with writing acting as a pivotal tool for bolstering students' comprehension skills. There is a clear correlation between regular writing exercises and notable advancements in students' academic performance, underscoring the value of encouraging students to articulate their thoughts in writing.

Increase Critical Thinking through Writing tackles the vital role of writing for enhancing literacy as a comprehensive strategy, facilitating improved understanding across various disciplines. This approach advocates for the integration of engaging writing tasks within every lesson, aiming to augment academic performance by prompting students to reflect on the subject matter and articulate their insights through written expression.

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Key Takeaways

Writing Increases Learning

Learn how Scaffolding Strategies offer a dynamic approach to differentiating instruction, ensuring that each student's immediate learning needs are met. Explore how this tailored temporary support enhances understanding, engagement, and overall academic success.

Essential to Tier 1 Instruction

Recognize the dual nature of writing, which not only fosters a solid groundwork for assimilating and understanding new concepts, but also transforms writing into an essential component of the learning and educational process.

Learning Through Writing: 4 Key Writing Principles

Embrace writing as a foundational learning practice structured around four key principles: Integrating Writing Across the Curriculum, Expanding Writing Opportunities, Instructing the Writing Process, and Refining Writing with Constructive Feedback.

Varied Implementation

Commit to a widespread application of writing by focusing on two primary methodologies:

  • Writing to Learn: Reveal how writing serves as an instrument for deepening comprehension and assimilating new information
  • Writing to Inform: Demonstrate the use of writing in effectively conveying information, thereby ensuring clarity and understanding

Increase Reading Comprehension

Learn the symbiotic link between reading and writing, appreciating how writing fortifies literacy capabilities and significantly boosts reading skills.

With the right strategies and tools, your lessons will be revolutionized through the power of writing. Gain practical insights, effective strategies, and an adaptable roadmap for accelerating learning through writing, and the dynamic integration of writing across the curriculum. An increased focus on writing is a catalyst for academic success.

Learning Through Writing - PD and Professional Learning Options

At Your School

At Your School

Schedule a day of Professional Learning at your school. Onsite training with one of our experts provides opportunities for educators to expand their knowledge, refine teaching techniques, and stay up-to-date with the latest curriculum and instruction innovations. By investing in professional learning, your school can cultivate a culture of continuous learning, enhance teacher effectiveness, and ultimately improve student outcomes.

At Our Training Center

Join us in Asheville, North Carolina, at the Learning-Focused Training Center.  With seats limited to 22 attendees, you are guaranteed to have a great experience.

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At Your Own Pace

Learning at your own pace allows you to tailor your professional learning journey focused on your unique goals and preferences. This option empowers you to set your own pace with the flexibility and autonomy to master new concepts and refine your skills.

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Increase Critical Thinking Series

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