Accelerate Learning

Strategies and Solutions to Unlock Student Achievement

Accelerated Learning Techniques That Transform Education

Effectively applying Accelerated Learning techniques will equip educators with cutting-edge strategies and tools to shift from students struggling with grade-level concepts to meeting, or even exceeding, expectations. Discover how the power of Acceleration replaces remediation and re-teaching with success when lessons are taught the first time. Acceleration enhances self-efficacy, boosts engagement, and cultivates a culture of academic excellence in every classroom.

At Learning-Focused we partner with you to redefine educational success, disrupt the cycle of low achievement, and pave the way for unprecedented academic growth and proficiency. 

Custom Accelerated Learning Solutions

Customized Strategies

Dive into innovative strategies specifically designed to challenge and meet the needs of all students. Our methods are tailored to help educators effectively integrate core standards across content, literacy, and critical thinking.

Strategy-Focused Professional Development

Participate in online and in-person workshops that concentrate on a specific strategy for facilitating educators with the tools and understanding to effectively implement and refine their practice.

Professional Development Workshops

Engage in comprehensive in-person and online workshops that empower educators with the tools and understanding necessary to implement differentiated assignments and assessments, driving student success and breaking the cycle of low achievement.

Resources and Support

Access an extensive collection of resources, including guides, templates, and real-world examples to inspire and inform instructional practice, ensuring sustained academic excellence and equity in every classroom.

Why Acceleration?


The innovative methods of Acceleration revolutionize the way you will approach a long standing problem - ensuring every student is engaged and successful with grade-level content. Understanding the crucial link between expectations and achievement provides the catalyst for using strategic practices that foster content mastery, literacy improvement, and enhanced thinking skills.

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Accelerate Learning - Techniques and Solutions

Exemplary schools don’t happen by accident. They are the product of deliberate, informed, consistent efforts prioritizing high expectations and high support for all students. The Accelerate Learning Series Training is your pathway toward educational excellence.

Educators in Exemplary Schools rethink how lessons and instruction are organized and focus on a different type of intervention - Previewing. Accelerate Learning with Previewing provides a proactive approach that replaces most re-teaching and remediation with specific strategies and practices that ensure all students successfully meet grade level expectations.

Accelerate Learning with Previewing can even help students who are 1, 2, or 3 grade levels behind achieve success! Accelerate Learning with Previewing is supported by additional self-paced courses on Review and Remediation.



Teaching students of varying backgrounds, experiences, and readiness levels is one of the most challenging aspects of teaching. It is often compounded when students come to class one or more grade levels behind.

When students receive the support they need to be successful during grade-level activities and assignments, their confidence builds to try more complex and challenging tasks. Their confidence and ability are bolstered by the success that comes with proper support. Scaffolding strategies provide support that are gradually removed as students master new knowledge and skills.

Accelerate Learning with Scaffolding provides strategies that meaningfully engage students with the content without overloading teachers!

Comprehension and learning are severely impacted by students’ vocabulary knowledge, much of which is initially based on factors outside the control of teachers and schools. Traditional vocabulary instruction does not effectively and persuasively increase student comprehension. To increase comprehension, all lessons should include a robust amount of proven vocabulary strategies and instruction.

Accelerate Learning with Vocabulary provides innovative methods for connecting strategies that ensure students learn key grade-level content and academic terms. You will discover a system where students learn and utilize key vocabulary terms before, during, and at the end of all lessons - which dramatically improves comprehension!

Despite a data-driven approach to school improvement, most schools find themselves stuck within an achievement trendline of ten percentile points, unable to break away to consistently higher academic growth and proficiency levels.

Unfortunately, this often leads to a fallacy that students are unable to do the work expected of them. This may cause teachers to lower their expectations for students, and in upper grades causes schools to place students into less challenging courses. As a result, students are provided a less demanding curriculum with low-level assignments and instruction at all levels, all of which lead to low assessment scores. This Cycle of Low Achievement locks schools into an achievement rut, unable to close learning gaps.

Exemplary Schools use a system for consistently planning lesson assignments and assessments that reflect grade-level expectations differentiated to meet the needs of all students. Accelerate Learning with Effective Assignments provides a roadmap for generating differentiated assignments and assessments that integrate content, literacy, and thinking skills from grade-level standards.

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