Close the Learning Gap: Accelerate Learning with Previewing

Previewing is the number one strategy for catching kids up by permanently closing success or learning gaps.

How does Previewing improve student outcomes?

Are you looking to enhance your instructional strategies and support students struggling to keep up with grade-level expectations?

Accelerate Learning with Previewing is for educators who want to delve into the research-based approach of Previewing, the idea of proactively addressing students' learning needs before they fall behind. Explore how Previewing can revolutionize your intervention time and elevate student achievement through strategies such as vocabulary instruction, advance organizers, and activating thinking. Discover the power of Previewing as a Tier II Intervention that ensures every student receives the necessary support to succeed. Learn how to implement Previewing in your classroom effectively, bridging learning gaps and building students' confidence and motivation.

Accelerate Learning with Previewing can even help students who are 1, 2, or 3 grade levels behind achieve success!

Accelerate Learning with Previewing

Key Takeaways

Purpose of Previewing

Learn how to utilize Previewing Strategies before anticipated challenges in a lesson. This proactive approach sets the stage for enhanced comprehension and student success, laying the foundation for a more effective and engaging learning experience.

Use a Proactive Mindset

Understand that Previewing constitutes a significant portion of an intervention model. The catch is understanding how to apply this intervention proactively instead of reactively like rememdiation.

Promote Equity

Our primary goal is to promote equity in education by introducing and exploring Previewing Strategies. These techniques are carefully designed to bridge learning gaps and create an inclusive learning environment where every student can thrive.


Learn the intricate process of strategically implementing Previewing Strategies. Gain practical insights into when and how to apply these methods, ensuring they become an integral part of your instructional toolkit.

Build Self-Efficacy

Building students' self-efficacy and self-esteem through proactive instruction. An increase in students' self-efficacy leads to increased participation in class, internal motivation, and, thus, improved outcomes.

Improved Teacher Collaboration

Implementing Previewing requires enhanced collaboration between teachers, support personnel, and interventionists.

It is time to proactively support your struggling students with the strategic use of Previewing Strategies. Join our expert presenters as they provide valuable insights, practical tips, and a roadmap for creating an educational environment where every student can thrive. Transform your teaching approach and empower your students for success!

Accelerate Learning for Students: A Case Study on Previewing

Catawba County Schools is a school district in North Carolina. Like many districts, they knew some students struggled to meet proficiency levels, particularly in mathematics. Traditional remediation methods were not yielding the desired results, and there was a need for an innovative approach to address performance and boost student confidence.

Student Results for Individual Classroom

Professional Learning Options

At Your School

At Your School

Schedule a day of Professional Learning at your school. Onsite training with one of our experts provides opportunities for educators to expand their knowledge, refine teaching techniques, and stay up-to-date with the latest curriculum and instruction innovations. By investing in professional learning, your school can cultivate a culture of continuous learning, enhance teacher effectiveness, and ultimately improve student outcomes.

At Our Training Center

Join us in Asheville, North Carolina, at the Learning-Focused Training Center.  With seats limited to 22 attendees, you are guaranteed to have a great experience.

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Teacher thinking about strategies

At Your Own Pace

Learning at your own pace allows you to tailor your professional learning journey focused on your unique goals and preferences. This option empowers you to set your own pace with the flexibility and autonomy to master new concepts and refine your skills.

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