Case Studies

Real instructional framework case studies and teacher effectiveness examples
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School Leadership Case Study: Implementing Effective Teacher Feedback to Exceed Growth Goals

When Zach Marks first transitioned from elementary to middle school principal, he walked into a complex post-COVID environment. Deciding what to tackle first should’ve been a challenge, but Zach looked at the data and identified almost immediately what he wanted to address: instructional improvement.

As a new principal in the building, Zack Marks, knew he needed to ensure teachers felt safe. Because of the changes COVID brought on, there were many new teachers in the school who were beginning new careers. He wanted to provide simple and intentional feedback to new teachers to help them grow. With his veteran teachers, he wanted to identify simple tweaks they could make, and to instill a culture of constant improvement in the school overall.

Accelerate Learning for Students: A Case Study on Previewing

Accelerate or Remediate?

While often debated in the educational world, the data-backed answer for a North Carolina school district is clear.


Catawba County Schools is the largest school district in Catawba County, North Carolina. Like many districts, they knew some students struggled to meet proficiency levels, particularly in mathematics. Traditional remediation methods were not yielding the desired results, and there was a need for an innovative approach to address performance and boost student confidence.

Literacy Framework Pays off Big for North Carolina Middle School

Learning-Focused was hired as a literacy consultant to Hawfields Middle School after the principal attended a literacy strategies workshop and found himself nodding along with the framework insights presented. He created a literacy wishlist, met with the team, hired Learning-Focused, and achieved extraordinary results.

Charity Barton - First-Time Principal With High Expectations

As a first-time principal, Charity Brown brought high expectations and was ready to do the necessary work when she brought in Learning-Focused. Learn how Miss Barton used the Learning-Focused framework and led her school to become a Title I Distinguished School, improve student behavior, and support teachers—all in the midst of COVID.

Dr. Anna DeWese - A Turnaround Principal

Dr. Anna DeWese is a veteran principal in Florida with a reputation for outstanding support and commitment to students. Learn how Dr. DeWese has effectively implemented the Learning-Focused Instructional Framework in every school she has served in as principal for the last ten years.

Tunkhannock Area School District

Learn how Tunkhannock Area School District utilized their Mapped Curriculum to build their Online Curriculum,

Weems Elementary School

Learn how Weems Elementary School closed the achievement gap 10-15% over the state average by focusing on improving instruction for all students, over half of who are English Language Learners (ELLs).

W.D. Sugg Middle School

Learn how W.D. Sugg Middle School increased student achievement by targeting High Yield Strategies and building instructional capacity to make achievement gains.