Case Studies

Real instructional framework case studies and teacher effectiveness examples
and stories from our partners.


Dr. Anna DeWese - A Turnaround Principal

Dr. Anna DeWese is a veteran principal in Florida with a reputation for outstanding support and commitment to students. Learn how Dr. DeWese has effectively implemented the Learning-Focused Instructional Framework in every school she has served in as principal for the last ten years.

Tunkhannock Area School District

Learn how Tunkhannock Area School District utilized their Mapped Curriculum to build their Online Curriculum,

Weems Elementary School

Learn how Weems Elementary School closed the achievement gap 10-15% over the state average by focusing on improving instruction for all students, over half of who are English Language Learners (ELLs).

W.D. Sugg Middle School

Learn how W.D. Sugg Middle School increased student achievement by targeting High Yield Strategies and building instructional capacity to make achievement gains.