Learning-Focused Events

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Our 2022-2023 in-person and virtual events are below, and more are getting added to the calendar, so check back soon.

Upcoming Events

The Learning-Focused Framework Trainers Institute

  • June 19-23, 2023 at the Learning-Focused Training Center in Asheville, NC

The Learning-Focused Framework Trainers Institute focuses on learning our instructional framework which provides a cohesive structure made up of proven components, but it is adaptable so as to work with varying teaching styles, content areas, and student needs (while maintaining the core structure of the framework). Teachers can unleash their creativity with confidence that their students are going to be successful. Teaching is complex and our framework provides teachers, schools, and district with the tools to be able to maintain high expectations and meet students where they are.

Accelerate Learning with Previewing Trainers Institute - FULL

  • July 17-18 , 2023 at the Learning-Focused Training Center in Asheville, NC

This institute is FULL - Contact us to schedule at your school or district.

Educators in Exemplary Schools rethink how lessons and instruction are organized and focus on a different type of intervention - Previewing. Accelerate Learning with Previewing provides a proactive approach that replaces most re-teaching and remediation with specific strategies and practices that ensure all students successfully meet grade-level expectations. Accelerate Learning with Previewing Trainers Institute provides districts and schools with a way to train their colleagues on how to apply these strategies to every content area and grade level.

Accelerate Learning with Scaffolding Trainers Institute

  • July 19-20, 2023 at the Learning-Focused Training Center in Asheville, NC

Scaffolding is a high-yield instructional strategy used to reduce the negative emotions and self-perceptions that students may experience when grappling with learning skills and concepts. It requires lessons to be broken up into learning chunks and that teachers provide a tool, or structure, with each chunk. Scaffolding Strategies help teachers maintain the same grade-level standards and learning expectations for all students, even though not every student will have the necessary knowledge or capability to initially perform as intended. Learn how Scaffolding Strategies will support struggling students in successfully learning grade-level content and skills while helping to reduce negative emotions or self-perceptions, or counterproductive states, such as boredom or frustration.


Learning-Focused brings educators together to learn how to transform their schools and classrooms through intentional and purposeful planning designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful both academically and beyond.

Studies continue to demonstrate a positive link between teacher professional development, teaching practices, and student outcomes. In fact, research has shown seven widely shared features of effective professional development. Learning-Focused embraces each feature as a core tenant of our professional development. We believe that professional development is meant to help educators do what they do best, even better.

Our professional development guides educators to design school and classroom cultures that focus on rigorous standards-driven learning, engaging academic instruction, meet the needs of all learners, and achieve remarkable success.