Accelerate Learning with Vocabulary

“The limits of my language are the limits of my mind. All I know is what I have words for.” - Ludwig Wittgenstein

Date for This Event

  • July 15, 2024 at the Learning-Focused Training Center in Asheville, NC

Essential Questions

How do you use systematic vocabulary instruction to raise achievement for all students?

How do you use systematic vocabulary instruction to raise achievement for all students?

How do word walls support the use of vocabulary words?

How do word walls support the use of vocabulary words?

How do you increase background knowledge through explicit vocabulary instruction?

How do you increase background knowledge through explicit vocabulary instruction?

accelerate learning with vocabulary strategies

Vocabulary Is the Key to Learning

What percentage of words in a text or speech do students need to know to understand their reading or hearing? Shockingly… 95%! This percentage is even more shocking when you consider that students encounter about 180,000 new words each school year.

Teaching vocabulary systematically must be a critical aspect of instruction at every grade level, in every subject, and in every school because it is one of the most important instructional intervention practices schools can employ to close the achievement gap and raise student achievement for all students.

When schools commit to teaching vocabulary strategies, student achievement increases. This requires a proactive approach to planning and teaching vocabulary that focuses on both high yield vocabulary strategies and fun and engaging vocabulary activities.

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Why Attend Accelerate Learning with Vocabulary?

  1. Improves Reading Comprehension and Academic Success

    A strong vocabulary is the cornerstone of understanding complex texts and concepts, cutting across all academic disciplines. This training empowers teachers to effectively build their students' vocabulary, directly enhancing their comprehension skills and paving the way for academic success across various subjects.

  2. Increases Student Engagement and Confidence

    Knowledge of vocabulary significantly boosts students' confidence, encouraging more active participation in class. The training provides teachers with the tools to create a more inclusive and interactive learning environment where students feel empowered to contribute, ask questions, and engage in discussions.

  3. Addresses Educational Equity

    Vocabulary disparities often reflect and exacerbate the achievement gap among students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. By equipping teachers with strategies to enrich vocabulary learning, this training plays a crucial role in leveling the educational playing field, ensuring all students have equal opportunities to excel.

  4. Enhances Support for Multi Language Learners

    For MLLs, vocabulary acquisition is critical to fluency and integration into mainstream education. This specialized training enables teachers to support the unique needs of MLLs better, facilitating their language development and academic achievement.

  5. Prepares Students for Success on Standardized Tests:

    A robust vocabulary underpins success in standardized testing, which often determines students' academic and future career trajectories. Teachers who undergo this training can more effectively prepare their students for these assessments, enhancing their vocabulary in a contextual and strategic manner that improves test performance.

Attending Accelerate Learning with Vocabulary training is not just about adopting new teaching methodologies; it's about fostering an environment where all students can thrive academically, engage confidently in their learning journey, and achieve their full potential.

Your Facilitator

Lindsey Hampton

Chief Academic Officer for Learning-Focused

During her 20+years as an educator, Lindsey served various grade levels and subject areas. For 8 years she led inclusive classrooms and taught advanced placement courses. Following her classroom years, Lindsey spent 10 years as an instructional coach, professional development specialist, and district administrator of new teacher induction. She has presented at numerous conferences, including the Florida Association of School Administrator Conference, the Tennessee Principals Association Conference, and the Kentucky Association of School Administrators. Today, she works directly with teachers and school leaders in the implementation of the Learning-Focused Instructional Framework.

Lindsey Hampton

Feedback from Previous Events

"Lindsey did a GREAT job role modeling the practices, providing valuable details, and moving at a pace that met our needs. She provided excellent resources and answered questions along the way. Excited about our partnership for learning! " — Misty Freeman, Gainesville Middle School

"The materials were very well written and effectively organized for ease of use."

"As a leadership team, we were able to develop district-wide expectations for and a process for implementation." - Assistant Superintendent, PA

"It was a great experience and I enjoyed it. I am excited to see the impact that these strategies will have on my student's learning." - Margaret Smith, ESOL Teacher

Learning Goals

The Accelerate Learning with Vocabulary is an intensive training focused on systematically addressing a root cause of academic struggles -- a lack of vocabulary and background knowledge.

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You Will Be Able To...

  • proactively plan and use Vocabulary Strategies to build background knowledge
  • plan for effective use of Word Walls
  • contribute to the implementation of a systematic approach for vocabulary instruction
  • redeliver professional development on Accelerate Learning with Vocabulary

You Will Know...

  • the importance of systematic vocabulary instruction and teaching vocabulary in context
  • the impact of Word Poverty and how to close the word knowledge learning gap
  • how to deepen word knowledge acquisition using the seven characteristics of effective vocabulary instruction
  • how to design a variety of vocabulary activities for students based on their learning needs and readiness, including Word Walls, vocabulary notebooks and strategies for English Language Learners
  • how to facilitate and redeliver the Effective Vocabulary Instruction workshop accurately and effectively in your school/district
  • how to provide effective lesson feedback regarding the characteristics of effective vocabulary instruction

What You Receive

In addition to learning how to implement effective vocabulary instruction,
participants will receive the following resources and materials $125 value):

  • Accelerate Learning with Vocabulary book
  • Accelerate Learning with Vocabulary flipcard
  • Strategies in Action: Vocabulary Strategies book and online course
  • Membership to Learning-Focused Online (online platform for all trainer, teacher, and leadership resources)

When and Where

At Learning-Focused Training Center


  • 200 District Dr. Ste 001, Asheville, NC 28803


  • July 15, 2024


  • 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
LF Center

Our training center is designed for intimate training, with only 22 spots available.  We aim to provide a wonderful learning experience to help you grow your network through collaboration.


Act fast, only 22 spots are available

Registration for Accelerate Learning with Vocabulary is $150 per person.

Registration includes snacks, drinks, coffee, and other goodies.

Learning is better in teams! Register three people and receive a $50 discount off the third registration fee!

Participants are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis only. To secure your spot, we must receive a signed quote.