Why Writing Matters

By Lindsey Hampton / January 9, 2018

Why is writing such an important part of instruction? The Common Core Standards set the expectation that students will be adequately prepared for a 21st century economy and the demands of college and careers. In regards to writing, standards require students to “produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style are…

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Writing to Learn

By Lindsey Hampton / December 2, 2017

How can students write to learn? As students learn new knowledge and skills, and then complete tasks to show mastery, they do two types of writing: writing to learn (during the lesson) and writing to inform (after the lesson, in the assignment). Robert Marzano wrote an interesting article in the February issue of Educational Leadership…

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Writing to Raise Student Achievement

By Lindsey Hampton / November 11, 2017

How is writing used in your school to raise achievement? How do you continue to show growth with your state assessments?  We asked teachers in our turnaround schools that very thing, and we were not at all surprised to hear that the number one thing they all did was to go from only having students…

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