High Yield Strategies and Practices

Professional Development to Transform Your Teaching, Impact Student Outcomes

Why is concentrating on High Yield Instructional Strategies critical in enahcing student learning?

Navigating the complex landscape of educational strategies, where the sheer volume of teaching methods, proliferating with each new publication or professional development workshop, makes selecting the most effective approaches a daunting task. For teachers and principals, the challenge intensifies as they strive not only to identify the most impactful strategies but also to agree on these strategies and their implementation, ensuring a high return on invested time. Amidst this overwhelming array of options, the quest to determing the efficacy of specific strategies can be overwhelming. The focus on High Yield Instructional Strategies offers a target solution, directing educators towards practices that promise the greatest improvement in student learning for the time invested. This strategic choice enables schools to refine their educational efforts, maximizing the return on the time and resources dedicated to teaching and learning.

Bridging the Knowing-Doing Gap

Learning-Focused bridges the gap between research and classroom application through its Strategies in Action series. This series deepens teachers' understanding of specific High Yield Instructional Strategies, offering 23 impactful strategies/practices for enhancing student learning and teacher effectiveness. It provides concise, powerful professional development with practical strategies for exemplary educational practices.

Strategies in Action provides teachers with strategies and ideas for planning and using exemplary practices through concise, powerful professional learning.

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Enhancing Teaching Effectiveness with the Strategies in Action Series

Each Strategies in Action title empowers teachers to evolve from basic awareness and sporadic use of teaching methods to implementing top strategies with excellence. It supports the effective adoption of research-backed practices through:

Transition to Mastery

Strategies in Action guides teachers from having a basic understanding and intermittent application of educational methods to the expert execution of premier strategies. This progression ensures educators can implement teaching techniques with a high degree of proficiency.

Practical Experience and Strategy Improvement

Educators are offered numerous opportunities to practice new strategies, allowing for refinement and development over time. This hands-on approach is designed to solidify their understanding and enhance their ability to integrate these techniques into their teaching effectively.

Research-Driven Training

Strategies in Action provides targeted training grounded in research, highlighting the critical aspects and real-world application of strategies. It emphasizes the necessity of understanding both the research and the practical use of these methods in classroom settings.

Comprehensive Skill Development:

By presenting different uses and examples, along with dedicated practice time, Strategies in Action ensures that teachers are not just familiar with the strategies but are also skilled in their application. This comprehensive approach equips educators with the insights and skills needed for the successful implementation of these methods.

The Strategies in Action Series

Engaging with Learning-Focused to support your district's use of high-yield strategies offers numerous benefits:

Assessing the application of high-yield strategies is paramount in delivering superior education to students. Partnering with Learning-Focused not only grants access to our extensive expertise but also ensures you receive impartial feedback to elevate your educational practices and secure superior student achievements.

Professional Learning Options

Strategies in Action books are versatile resources for enhancing teaching practices, whether for individual professional development, group study within Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), or as a foundation for workshops led by Learning-Focused trainers in your school. These books offer a range of strategies for immediate application in the classroom, supporting educators in delivering more effective and engaging instruction.

At Your School

At Your School

Schedule a Professional Learning day at your school and take advantage of onsite training workshops provided by Learning-Focused experts. These 3-hour sessions on each strategy and practice not only broaden educators' knowledge and refine their teaching techniques but also ensure they are aligned with the latest curriculum and instructional innovations. Every participating teacher receives a copy of the Strategies in Action book, reinforcing a culture of continuous learning, enhancing teacher effectiveness, and ultimately elevating student outcomes.

Individual or Team Book Study

Teachers can significantly enhance classroom implementation through individual and team book studies by engaging with Strategies in Action books. These resources are designed to augment the effectiveness of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) by offering actionable strategies and practices for educators to apply. To fully benefit from this approach, it's recommended that each teacher have a copy of the book, facilitating a comprehensive understanding and application of the strategies within their teaching practices.

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At Your Own Pace

Learning at your own pace allows you to tailor your professional learning journey focused on your unique goals and preferences. This option empowers you to set your own pace with the flexibility and autonomy to master new concepts and refine your skills.

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