Lesson Planning

At Learning-Focused, we have the same vision as you do: to make sure every student has the benefit of having a highly effective teacher. This starts with ensuring teachers are trained on the foundation of an effective lesson plan framework. Check back often as we continue to update our high-impact Lesson Plan tips and resources for teachers, educators, and leaders.

Teaching Vocabulary: Tackling the Word Gap with Effective Vocabulary Instruction

By Lindsey Hampton / September 20, 2021

How many unknown vocabulary words in a text can a student skip over before comprehension is affected?  Read this altered text and try to construct its meaning:  The fribble has a large head with two eyes that can see very well. They are able to see fish and objects that others might miss. Shucky arms…

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importance of social emotional learning in the classroom

Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom – A Guide for Elementary Teachers

By Melissa Marlett / April 29, 2021

A lot of the buzz around education today is around engagement, academics, and catching kids up. While everyone would love if a switch existed for kids to be engaged, that’s (unfortunately) not possible. Engagement doesn’t come from finding the right tech tool, but a sense of belonging. Kids are more engaged when they feel connected. …

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meeting the needs of all learners

Meeting the Needs of All Learners Requires a Balanced Approach to Instruction

By Debra Simons / April 15, 2021

Now more than ever we must look at the whole child in education. It is so much more than just being proficient. During this pandemic educators often hear, “Maslow before Bloom.” While I find that to be true, I also believe there is a balance needed. We shouldn’t lower our expectations of children but rather…

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literacy in content areas

Literacy in Content Areas: Effective Literacy Instruction

By Robert Syphard / December 16, 2020

The Common Core State Standards have established new expectations for literacy in all content areas. The expression “all teachers are teachers of reading” has never been truer.  We should be intentional, however, about the way we approach literacy in the content areas. When discussing the integration of the Common Core Literacy Standards, a social studies…

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Teaching Vocabulary: Effective PreK Vocabulary Instruction in the Classroom

By Abra Seay / October 17, 2020

A child’s educational career is like a marathon, but many students start school only prepared to run a mile and others a 5K.  There’s a monumental difference in children’s word knowledge (also known as word gap or word poverty) when they enter school, primarily based on the educational and socioeconomic level of their parents and…

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word wall ideas

Word Wall Ideas – Ready for an Interactive Classroom Word Wall Makeover?

By Lindsey Hampton / September 22, 2020

What is a Word Wall? Word Walls are organized collections of words placed on a wall or other surface in the classroom. They are excellent tools for building word consciousness in students through increased vocabulary interaction and social learning opportunities; especially as students make connections among important concepts and big ideas. Interactive Word Walls, vocabulary…

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language for high student expectations

Effective Teaching Strategies Start With Teacher Mindset

By Don Marlett / September 1, 2020

Schools and teachers around the country are discussing the importance of relationships. As a priority among educators, the national conversation has grown to include numerous studies, articles, and speeches, each providing strategies and ideas on how to create positive relationships with our students and our staff. As I reflected on my own experience as a…

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kids learning - prediction reading strategy

Prediction Reading Strategy – Examples for Effective Comprehension

By Don Marlett / June 8, 2020

One of the tenants of Learning-Focused is that it is a process for connecting highly effective research-based learning strategies. As we progress towards the upcoming school year, there is a good chance that students will be asked to learn through a combined modality of the physical classroom and distance learning. It is vital to remember that…

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Why Learning Goals Lead the Way for Lessons

By Lindsey Hampton / February 19, 2019

I recently heard someone compare Learning Goals to a GPS, and I thought, “Absolutely!” After all, it is the job of a GPS to help us arrive at our destination. Consider the following scenario… a woman and her husband are on a road trip where he becomes thoroughly lost, and of course, is unable to…

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7 Assessment Strategies That Put Aside Paper and Pencil

By Don Marlett / January 19, 2019

Traditional Assessment When you think of assessments, the traditional method is of course paper and pencil. And when you think of paper and pencil “testing,” you may think of the required countless hours of grading that inevitably follows. As a teacher, this is often one of the most challenging barriers to overcome when planning lessons…

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