High Yield Instructional Strategies Courses

Targeted self-paced professional development that increases your impact.

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Not All Strategies are Equal!

The High Yield Instructional Strategies Courses provide teachers with strategies and ideas for planning and using exemplary practices through concise, powerful professional development. These courses give educators a more in-depth understanding of specific Yield Instructional Strategies. Each course supports the effective implementation of a specific strategy by providing additional, high quality examples and ideas to help you move quickly from learning about to using a strategy for its most significant possible impact.

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Using the High Yield Strategies provided by Learning-Focused has transformed my planning and made me a better teacher! Invaluable resources!

Whitney Evely, 5th Grade Science and History Teacher

Courses Designed for Implementation

You Will Learn:

  • Why it is important to implement.
  • What effective implementation looks like.
  • The steps in the process for using them most effectively.
  • The knowledge and skills necessary to ensure effective implementation.
  • How to advance your skills from knowing and randomly trying, to doing with quality.
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The Process

  • During each course you will have access to virtual presentations covering essential content and performance standards focused on evidenced-based instructional best practices.
  • Using our planning process, design template, and a variety of other resources, we provide step by step support for building an action plan that you can immediately implement in your classroom.
  • During the training you will learn about a strategy’s different uses and see examples of the strategy in action, helping you put your new training into practice.
  • Contact us any time after you have implemented your action plan into your classroom to receive follow up support to make sure you are effectively implementing your training.
  • Finally, after completing the presentations, course activities, and collaborative discussions, you will receive your completion certificate, documenting your earned credit hours.

After implementing the high yield text structure instructional practices last school year I was thrilled with the growth of my students.

Elementary School Teacher


Learn with Your Own Team!

Online, Self-Directed Learning

Individuals or teams (i.e. PLC’s or Lesson Study Groups) can learn and improve the implementation of High Yield Instructional Strategies and practices following their own pace.

PLC Group

Onsite, Facilitated Learning

Every High Yield Instructional Strategies Course may also be provided as an onsite professional development workshop at your school with a Learning-Focused instructional specialist. Each course may be presented as a half-day or full-day workshop, depending on your professional learning needs.


Explore the Courses

Review our individual High Yield Strategies Courses to learn more about the focus for each topic, what you will learn and what you will be able to apply.  Increase your impact by selecting more than one through one of our bundles or create your own. The bundles are listed below the individual collections.

Course Access = Resources

Getting Started:

Your first course is $40 and includes access to planning and support resources through Learning-Focused Online. This is our online portal where you access your courses, as well as all of our implementation resources, including our graphic organizers, anchor charts, picture galleries, videos, and example lessons. Your Learning-Focused Online membership never expires as long as your email address is active!

After your first course purchase, all subsequent courses are $20 each.

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Explore Our Bundles

Bundle key strategies together to dive more deeply into important areas of teaching and learning! Below is our recommendation for several powerful strategy bundles. If you do not see one that works well with your current improvement goals and education needs, then please revisit the individual course directory and create your own bundle. You always have the power to choose when you use High Yield Instructional Strategies professional development.

High Yield Instructional Strategies are the key to ensure all students are successful with grade level content.