Meet Leroy

Hi! I’m Leroy and I’m a working dog.

I’m soft, yellow, and wear a blue vest. I work in a school with my mom and I think my job is the best!

I went to a professional dog school to learn lots of skills but my favorite job, hands down, is loving all the kids. 

I help kids learn lots of things like how to be a friend or what to do with feelings when at your wit's end. 

SEL expert - Leroy

How can Leroy help students wear a mask?

Wearing a mask for adults is hard, but for kids who don’t understand why they have to wear it, it can be scary and frustrating. To help your students feel more comfortable wearing a mask, it’s important to model it yourself and explain why we have to wear them. Another idea is to connect wearing a mask with a social story or a character or Leroy.

Leroy has modeled how to wear a mask.  Download his poster to use in your classroom.

Be Like Leroy Poster

How can Leroy help students with their emotions?

How are you feeling? Hard to say? An emotions chart is a great way to help your students broaden their knowledge. 

An Emotion Chart can be used at the start of a school day for students to do a check-in about how they are feeling that day. This will give you valuable information about how to approach each child.

Refer to the chart with your students so that when a feeling starts to arise they can look at Leroy’s chart of emotions to help them recognize and name the emotion they are feeling. 


  • Emotions Charade: Put the name of different emotions on sheets of paper and place in a bucket. Pick a child to choose a slip of paper and act out the emotion. Emotion charades can help children learn to recognize emotions using facial and body cues.
  • Expression Mimicking Game: When you play this game, you're teaching social skills with expressions. Mimicking your expressions allows the child to understand what certain expressions mean and recognize them when others make them in real conversations.

Leroy has modeled his emotions.  Download his emotions chart to use in your classroom.

Coming Soon!

Leroy is writing a series of books on his experiences in the classroom to help more students.

Leroy Book