Learning-Focused Quote Terms

The following terms apply to all Learning-Focused products and services:


Sole Source Provider
Learning-Focused is the sole source provider of the products and services listed on quotes.
Contact us for more information or to obtain a sole source letter.


  • Quotes become void if not signed and returned within 60 days of the quote date.
  • The named client on the quote agrees to pay Learning-Focused the quoted total, which includes all expenses. Learning-Focused will invoice the named client for services and products as they are delivered to the named client.
  • The named client is required to provide a purchase order for the services and products listed on the quote prior to any service being provided by Learning-Focused. The named client can choose to prepay for services and products in lieu of providing a purchase order.
  • For quality control, the named client agrees to pay Learning-Focused an additional $25.00 per person over our 75-participant limit per onsite professional development workshop.
  • Specific Learning-Focused trainers are not guaranteed for services. Learning-Focused reserves the right to replace scheduled trainer(s) with other qualified Learning-Focused trainers as needed except in circumstances where the client has secured specific trainer(s) for an additional fee as listed in the quote.
  • Video and/or audio recording of Learning-Focused services of any type is prohibited.
  • Copying of Learning-Focused products is prohibited.
  • Learning-Focused reserves the right to change the pricing of services and products listed on the quote that is not fulfilled within 12 months of the quote date.
  • Learning-Focused agrees that the client's state law governs these terms and that any legal actions that arise will be filed in the client's county and state.


Cancellation Policy
The named client on the quote agrees that the services and products listed on the quote cannot be canceled. The client may reschedule services and product delivery to occur within a 12-month period for any reason for a $250.00 rescheduling fee per incident. If a rescheduled service is not conducted within 12 months, the client agrees to pay Learning-Focused the full amount of the agreed-upon fees. Learning-Focused reserves the right to reschedule the services listed on the quote due to unforeseen circumstances. Learning-Focused is not responsible for any damages (financial or otherwise) for rescheduling. If Learning-Focused must reschedule, $250.00 per incident will be applied to the client's account.

Learning-Focused guarantees complete satisfaction with provided products and services. If the named client is not completely satisfied, Learning-Focused will make the necessary corrections based on client's needs.

Refund and Exchange Policy

  • Learning-Focused will accept returns of products within 30 days of shipment for a refund or exchange.
  • Materials (books, flipcharts, etc) must be returned new, unopened, unused, and unmarked
  • Learning-Focused Online (membership, courses, and course materials) are not refundable or exchangeable
  • Shipping and handling fees are not refundable
  • Custom materials, such as handouts, are not refundable or exchangeable
  • If the returned materials have been opened, marked, damaged or used, you will not receive a refund and the materials are not exchangeable
  • Restocking fees may apply to a return
  • A restocking fee is a percentage of the item's price, depending on the type of item and the condition in which it is returned
  • Restocking fees are typically 20%-50% of each item's price
  • If the reason for the return is a Learning-Focused error, shipping will be refunded
  • Learning-Focused does not take title to returned items until the item arrives at our fulfillment center
  • Most refunds are refunded or exchanged in 7-15 days after we receive and process your return
  • To initiate a return, contact us.


If you have any questions about the terms or practices of Learning-Focused, contact us.