Learning-Focused Online Professional Development

Connecting the education dots to increase the effectiveness of planning decisions.

Achieve More with Learning-Focused

Most professional development today focuses on teaching concepts and theories necessary for education without providing clear guidance on applying these new ideas to a real-world classroom.

Learning-Focused Professional Development takes educators through a Cycle of Implementation, supporting them in setting goals, determining their educational or training needs, and implementing a plan of action. Using a step-by-step approach, participants receive training, coaching, planning tools, and all resources needed to implement a clear plan of action in their classroom. The goal is not to know more but to do more.


Process for Implementation

Starting with Why, How, What

We will walk you through the theory behind and steps needed to implement High Yield Instructional Strategies and exemplary practices. Technology is leveraged to offer flexible learning environments, including facilitated events and courses that incorporate a blended model of learning (with immersive video presentations, interactive learning activities, and collaborative discussions), while self-paced online courses offer an asynchronous learning experience that flexibly meets the demands of the busy educator. It is a win-win decision as all Learning-Focused Professional Development incorporates highly effective learning strategies that are interconnected and adapted to ensure their maximum benefit.

Planning and Tools

Explore planning processes and practices proven to directly impact student learning; learn how their consistent and pervasive use closes achievement gaps and minimizes learning loss; and build a personalized plan of action, ready for immediate implementation at the end of the professional development.


In addition to personalized feedback, you will have lifetime access to Learning-Focused Online; our “online coach” that gives you access to step-by-step planning templates, example lessons, and other super useful educator resources, all designed to support your effective implementation and self-reflection.


Getting Started

Take the next step toward your personal and professional goals with Learning-Focused.

High Yield Instructional Strategies Courses

Start by choosing one (or two, three, or more) of our High Yield Instructional Strategies Courses. There are 20 different courses that make the biggest impact on student learning and teacher effectiveness and we have an online course for each one! The High Yield Instructional Strategies Courses provide teachers with strategies and ideas for planning and using exemplary practices through concise, powerful professional development. These 2-3 hour courses are designed to provide educators with more depth of understanding on specific High Yield Instructional Strategies.

Learning-Focused Instructional Framework Courses

Go deeper by choosing one (or all) of The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework Courses. Each course focuses on one stage of implementation and provides an in-depth exploration of how to maximize your planning and use of the most effective High Yield Instructional Strategies! The biggest difference between typical and exemplary schools is how and when teachers plan. With The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework courses, participants will increase their capacity to plan and implement exemplary lessons that engage all students in mastering rigorous content.