Increasing the Rigor of Learning-Focused Lessons Trainers Institute

A Framework for Higher Order Thinking, Reading and Writing

Options for This Event

  • Starts November 10, 2023
  • Hybrid Session that includes self-paced course work and three two-hour synchronous sessions.

Essential Questions

Why are quality assignments fundamental to student success?

How do you incorporate Higher Order Thinking into lessons? 

How do you evaluate the quality of an Assignment?

Why do Exemplary Schools focus on Writing to Raise Achievement?

How do you plan and delivery a Learning-Focused Lesson?

How does a focus on Reading Text Structures improve student achievement?

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Focus on High-Yield Strategies

Today’s standards expect students to think at higher levels. Typical schools give students assignments either below grade level or higher level assignments but do not prepare them to successfully meet the expectations of the assignments. Increasing the Rigor of Learning-Focused Lessons: Higher Order Thinking, Reading, and Writing is the key to successfully moving students through the initial level of learning (recall information) to a higher level of learning (analyze and apply information) in every lesson so they can all succeed with higher level assignments.

The demands of today’s standards and education expectations require teachers to do more than provide students with basic knowledge and skills. Now, they must deepen student understanding of what they learn, which requires teachers to know how to plan and provide lessons where students learn and use higher order thinking strategies. To be college and career ready in the 21st century, students must be able to apply higher order thinking strategies to gain new insights. Students must be taught to independently use higher order thinking strategies. Providing students with the knowledge and tools to retain and use these strategies is crucial for success beyond school.

The second stage, Increasing the Rigor of Learning-Focused Lesson Lessons, provides the resources and tools for planning purposeful, rigorous lessons that advance students through the four Levels of Learning in every lesson.

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Increasing the Rigor of Learning-Focused Lessons is the process of meeting high expectations

Your Facilitator

Lindsey Hampton

Chief Academic Officer for Learning-Focused

During her 20+years as an educator, Lindsey served various grade levels and subject areas. For 8 years she led inclusive classrooms and taught advanced placement courses. Following her classroom years, Lindsey spent 10 years as an instructional coach, professional development specialist, and district administrator of new teacher induction. She has presented at numerous conferences, including the Florida Association of School Administrator Conference, the Tennessee Principals Association Conference, and the Kentucky Association of School Administrators. Today, she works directly with teachers and school leaders in the implementation of the Learning-Focused Instructional Framework.

Lindsey Hampton

Feedback from Previous Events

“When I started putting Higher Order Thinking Strategies into my lessons, it raised the expectations for me and my students.  I will never go back to the Monday through Friday lessons I used to plan. The Learning-Focused lessons frameworks help me understand how to chunk the information needed to teach my students which leads to even more rigorous assignments." - Kristen Walden, GA

"I have noticed that Learning-Focused trained teachers focus on standards and getting to the heart of what students really need to learn.  Teachers are ensuring that all resources are aligned with the concept.  I have seen great growth in teachers and students." - Chris Rogers, Math and Science Coach, FL

Learning Goals

Increasing the Rigor of Learning-Focused Lessons: Higher Order Thinking, Reading, and Writing will provide you with the skills and knowledge to increase the complexity of learning as the lesson progresses and integrate higher order thinking strategies and reading comprehension strategies into lessons.

You Will Be Able To...

  • Describe the criteria that define rigor
  • Provide explicit instruction on Higher Order Thinking and Reading Comprehension strategies.
  • Integrate content and literacy standards in all lessons
  • Plan and use rigorous Learning Goals, Lesson Essential Questions, Assignments, and Lesson Instruction.
  • Plan lessons that build in a progression of complexity
  • Integrate Higher Order Thinking or Reading Comprehension in all lessons
  • Integrate Writing to Learn and Writing to Inform and demonstrate learning in all lessons

You Will Know...

  • Steps for effective use of Higher Order Thinking Strategies
  • The importance of Higher Order Thinking Strategies for increasing student learning
  • Steps for effective use of Reading Comprehension Strategies and Text Structures
  • The importance of Reading Comprehension Strategies and Text Structures for improving student comprehension

What You Receive

In addition to learning how to facilitate and redeliver the training for High Increasing the Rigor of Learning-Focused Lessons
participants will receive a trainer kit that includes the following resources and materials:

  • Increasing the Rigor of Learning-Focused Lessons book
  • Increasing the Rigor of Learning-Focused Lessons Training of Trainer Guide (Presentation Notes)
  • Increasing the Rigor of Learning-Focused Lessons flipchart
  • Discount on future material orders
  • Strategies in Action: Using Reading Comprehension Text Structures
  • Access to downloadable presentations
  • Lifetime membership to Learning-Focused Online (online platform for all trainer, teacher, and leadership resources)
  • Trainer Newsletter

When and Where

This virtual institute is designed for self-paced coursework and synchronous learning through Zoom.
This synchronous learning will consist of three two-hour sessions.

Virtual Training


  • Your Favorite Learning Spot


  • November 10, 2023
  • November 17, 2023
  • December 1, 2023

Time for Synchronous Session

  • 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM
LF Center


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