A Focus on the Framework


Why does the Learning-Focused Instructional Framework work so well?

The highest achieving schools in the nation all use a proven framework for instruction based learning. An exemplary instructional framework, such as The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework, provides a structure that connects all of the lessons learned from exemplary schools and address major concerns in schools and districts. Connecting exemplary practices with an instructional framework empowers teachers to plan and teach at their best and all students to reach their highest potential in every lesson. With a framework, there is a clear focus on grade level expectations, rigor, research-based strategies and evidence-based practices.

One of our goals at Learning-Focused is to help teachers be the best they can be, in order to ensure that all students get the best instruction. To do this, we constantly look at research and connect the dots. The result is The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework, which is based on the highest ranking research-based learning strategies and evidence-based practices. If teachers use these strategies and practices consistently and pervasively, learning has to be the outcome. With a focus on the various components of rigor, our students are learning valuable lifelong thinking skills that prepare them for success in the 21st century. And of course, we must remember that our struggling students may need extra support, and our higher performing students may need extra challenge. An instructional framework, providing a common language of planning and instruction for everyone in the building, is what makes this happen.

What makes The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework different? We’re glad you asked! Here are a couple reasons:

Symphonic Planning

Symphonic Planning is an interwoven approach to planning that unites high yield learning strategies with standards-based curriculum to produce lesson harmony. Using a single research-based strategy or a single exemplary practice effectively in a lesson will yield positive results for learning for most students. But what happens when strategies are chosen more purposefully, or when several are integrated intentionally? It’s awesome, and we can show you how to do it!

Distributed Professional Development

Generally, teachers are not provided time to hone their craft, nor time and opportunities to acquire additional strategies and skills reinforce their instructional methods. Instead of the customary routine of expecting you to become experts immediately following a workshop, we at Learning-Focused introduce you to a hybrid professional learning model (onsite and online) that develops knowledge and skills with high levels of support, guided practice, feedback, and time to deepen knowledge and skills.

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Don Marlett

Don has been an educator for 20+ years. Before joining Learning-Focused, he taught High School and Middle School Science and was a school administrator. Don has participated in school evaluations focused on implementing High Yield Strategies. In addition, he partnered with various state DOE to support leaders as well as present at numerous conferences hosted by multiple leadership organizations in Florida, NC, Ohio, WV, TN, and KY Don leads product development, provides leadership training and coaching, and coaches educators in the implementation of the High-Yield strategies.

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